Graduation in the midst of COVID-19

Graduation in the Midst of Covid-19 Ricky Gabut, CICM             Debasish Mridha, an American philosopher and physician once said, “In life, there will be pain, suffering, ugliness, but let us be grateful for the beauty, blessing, and miracle of life”. When I reflected upon this saying, it could be the best expression to describe the … [Read more…]

AIFC Student-confreres Renew Religious Vows

ANNUAL RETREAT AND RENEWAL OF VOWS AT AIFC By Gustavo Henrique Silva de Paulo, cicm As a usual part of our formation program, we, AIFC seminarians, renew our temporary vows in the Congregation every June 8 of each year. This year, however, what already seemed so usual to us, that is, our renewal of vows … [Read more…]