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“Through the Incarnation, the Son of God entered into the history of the Jewish people. While sharing the life of his people, he took a prophetic stance in view of the Kingdom. His example is always before us in our efforts to integrate ourselves among the people to whom God sends us”

Article 13, CICM Constitutions

 CICM is present in the Philippine Church… CICM is present in the Philippine society:


1. Sunflower Children’s Center, Baguio City

          In the beginning, Sunflower was only a small room with some toys I used for therapies with children. Looking for a place, the rector of our CICM house for retired priests let me use a small space where I attended to some children, especially those residing in the center for children who were victims of abuse and neglect. But the number of children who knocked on our doors increased without measure, and the small therapy room was no longer enough to accommodate them all. We transferred to a bigger space, and the Sunflower Children’s Center was founded. We officially inaugurated the center on May 2003. Sunflower is supported by SLU as part of its Psych Dept Extension Program, and also by generous benefactors.


            Through the years, the team of child therapists has been able to attend to many kids in need. Aside from serving the children of the Cordilleras, we are slowly extending our services to nearby regions. Moreover, our social involvement, particularly in the advocacy of the Rights of Children, is becoming more solid as we are invited by schools, organizations and communities to share our knowledge, insights and experiences.

            Many people ask why such an institution is called Sunflower Children’s Center. The answer is very simple. Baguio is surrounded by beautiful sunflowers from December to February. On my way to the centers where I attend to children every Sunday, I often encountered these beautiful flowers facing the blue sky. At that moment, I usually pray and ask God to help me in my task of helping the children to grow and bloom as beautifully as those flowers. Our hope for each of our children is that all will grow to their full potentials like those sunflowers — always towards the light, always as beautiful as a sunflower facing the sun in a blue sky.

Source: Excerpt from the article by Fr. Geraldo Costa, CICM in the CICM Centennial Edition


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