“Like our founder, each of us has heard the call of Christ: “Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Gospel to all creation” (Mk. 16:15). We are sent to the nations to announce the Good News, wherever our missionary presence is most needed, especially where the Gospel is not known or lived. We leave our country to proclaim salvation as the great gift of God which liberates from everything that oppresses and divides people.

Following Jesus, we address ourselves preferentially to the poor as the privileged recipients of the kingdom of God. Religious missionaries of different races and culture, we live and work together as brothers. “One heart and one soul”, we witness to the Father’s will that all men and women be brothers and sisters in Christ. We are a sign of solidarity among the particular Churches in their universal mission” (Art.2 CICM Constitutions).


“Jesus carried out his mission in union with the Father. His life shows that prayer is a basic demand for all who work for the coming of the Kingdom. His example invites us to deepen in prayer our filial relationship with God. As religious missionaries we will be men of prayer. (Art. 34 CICM Constitutions).

Announce and denounce

“Dedicated to the Incarnate Word, we welcome His Gospel as the message of life, and our primary source of inspiration. In the light of the Word of God we discern his saving plan in the events of our world and in the experiences of those whose lives we share. We proclaim the demands of the Gospel and denounce everything that is opposed to it” (Art. 15 CICM Constitutions).