Our Commitments



Following Jesus, we address ourselves preferentially to the poor as we live and work together as brothers.

(Art.2 CICM Constitutions).



“Jesus carried out his mission in union with the Father. His life shows that prayer is a basic demand for all who work for the coming of the Kingdom. As religious missionaries, we will be men of prayer.

(Art. 34 CICM Constitutions).


Announce & Denounce

“Dedicated to the Incarnate Word,  we proclaim the demands of the Gospel and denounce everything that is opposed to it

(Art. 15 CICM Constitutions).

CICM Philippines Missionary Priorities

During the July 2015 Provincial Assembly, all those present unanimously CONFIRMED TEN (10) commitments or areas of concern as priority commitments. From these ten priority commitments, the different LOCAL MISSIONARY PROJECTS will eventually be formulated. These ten priority commitments are the following.


Indigenous People

To promote the dignity of indigenous people and inculturate the Gospel, in terms of an integral involvement of the indigenous people themselves in the CICM work of solidarity with the poor.



To give a prophetic witnessing and dynamic presence among the poor, by forming an animated CICM parish through active participation in liturgy and social action, organized in basic ecclesial communities.

Educational Apostolate

To develop our schools as important institutions of higher learning in the service of the local Church and of society, in the light of Christian vision and CICM mission.


Campus Ministry

To promote the potentials of people especially the youth through Christian formation and other pastoral programs in the CICM way.


Justice, Paz and Integrity of Creation

To promote social justice in the world and respect for the environment.

Special and Sectoral Ministries - The Abandoned

To care for the marginalized members of society, in terms of CICM-inspired social justice.


Interreligious Dialogue

To promote respect and collaboration with persons of other faiths in the spirit of open and peaceful dialogue.

Initial Formation

To form and train young CICM candidates in the spirit of mission ad extra, inspired by Théophile Verbist and Companions.


Ongoing Formation

To deepen our spiritual life and update our missionary attitudes, in order to reach the harmony of four essential dimensions: human, spiritual, intellectual and missionary.


Vocation Animation

To recruit and welcome candidates, and also to present to all the faithful the charism, spirituality and missionary vision of CICM, thus allowing possible candidates to discern the call of the Lord.


The synergy of Mission Initiatives

With this, the CICM Philippine Province aims to enjoin CICM confreres, together with their lay collaborators in various mission areas, in the effective realization of the previously TEN priority commitments of the Province. Moreover, the CICM Philippine Province intends to give a unified and systematic response to each of the priority commitments, of which every CICM confrere is informed and to which every CICM confrere can contribute to its meaningful implementation.