Provincial Administration

The following are the members of the current CICM-RP Provincial Administration, on a term of three years 2019-2021.

Left: Fr. Luke Moortgat & Fr. Fransiskus Gella (Councilors)
Center: Fr. JB Mubibi & Fr. Jessie Hechanova (Vice Provincial & Provincial)
Right: Fr. Eugene Arco & Fr. Melanio Reyes (Councilors)

Our Motto: “To go where we should and to do what we must with trust in the spirit.”

 The PG’s Vision/Mission

“We, members of the Provincial Government, aspire the CICM RP to rekindle the spirit of missionary daring by making the peripheries as the center of our corporate commitment as we work and collaborate with one another, our lay partners and the local church.”

Aspirational Statement of the PG:


“We, members of the Provincial Government, aspire for the CICM RP to be a witnessing community of religious by living a life of prayer, simplicity, financial responsibility as we support, appreciate and enrich one another and foster a life of solidarity.”


“We are animators of unity and solidarity in revitalizing the RP-Province to be faithful to the CICM charism and mission in frontier situations”.