CICM Works

Formation of Lay Leaders

From the very beginning of our presence in the Philippines, CICM has been linked with the formation of pastoral agents or lay collaborators. More and more we use the term Lay Mission Partners, to emphasize their role as active partners in the CICM Mission. Besides the Catechetical Formation Programs, a lot of our Religion Teachers have graduated with a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from our own Maryhill School of Theology.

The Asian Social Institute was founded by a CICM confrere to form leaders for the Philippines and other Asian countries, based on the Christian values of solidarity, inclusion, justice, and equality.

We include here also the special attention given to the Department of Religion in our two universities and two colleges, as well as the numerous seminars and updating courses for the formation of catechists and lay leaders in the different districts of our Province.

The CICM Bukal ng Tipan Project, under the Maryhill Mission Center, has well-prepared lay collaborators. They promote the formation of lay leaders who actively realize their varied ministries in the ecclesiological practice of a Participatory Church.