Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Fr. Conrado De La Cruz, CICM

Conrado De La Cruz: One of the CICM Martyrs of Guatemala

Father Conrado was born in Baguio City, the Republic of The Philippines on July 27, 1946. He entered the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1965. He took his first vows on June 29, 1966, and was ordained a priest on December 28, 1971. On August 15, 1972, he received his missionary assignment, and on December 13 of the same year went to Guatemala.

Ever since his arrival, he shared with the people their oppression, their sorrows, and hopes. He worked in the parishes of San Cristobal, Diocese of the Verapaces, and of the Port San José, Prelature of Escuintla.

In February 1979, he was named parish priest of Tiquisate where he was especially dedicated to the ministry with poor and humble people of the farms and villages.

Being a man of truth and a justice defensor, he was kidnapped on May 1, 1980, at the corner of 8th Avenue and the 6th Street of the zone 1, Guatemala City (a few steps from the National Palace and of the Archdiocesan Curia). According to witnesses present at the place and time of the abduction, the abductors were six men dressed in civilian clothes and armed. They abducted him together with his collaborator and friend, Herlindo Cifuentes, in a jeep Toyota, gray color since that date nobody to know anything of them.


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