An Introduction to my CICM Journey

  • By Lenard Jimenez

When I entered CICM, almost everything of mine changed: perspective, attitude, priorities as well as my motivation to serve the Lord.

Before, I was hesitant to become a priest. I searched for some seminaries that offer a short – term formation. Unfortunately, nobody offers it. I have to undergo 10-12 years of academic, apostolate, community and prayer life.

Gracefully, CICM opened its door through the Academic Dean of MST. He invited and introduced me to the Vocation Director. I entered CICM not because I am convinced that God called me to become a priest but only out of curiosity. I was curious on the mission stories of the CICM Vocation Director, and just said to myself, “let me try!”

I underwent Postulancy Program under the guidance of my formator, Fr. Nemesio. This program is intended for applicants that are college graduates and young professionals like me. I, together with other postulants, stayed in Taytay Rizal.

After four months of stay in Taytay, we were asked to do an apostolate to the different mission stations of the CICM: Baguio, Bayombong, Kalinga, and in Agusan del Sur. These immersions contained battery of challenges and happiness; sacrifices and victories.

People from my apostolate shaped me. I learnt several things from their differences: attitude, social status, gender, and talents that I encapsulated and will apply for my future life.

People of my apostolate made me humble everyday. I know now to say “I don’t know, let me search for it, perhaps, Can I help you?, Is it correct?” Even to discern to be a simple and faithful religious missionary rather than to be a priest.

Some asked me, Do you believe that God called you? I answered, I don’t know. Nobody called me but if I die as a religious missionary then that is the time to say, indeed, I am called.

This glimpse of realization pushed me to apply to the novitiate. Please pray for me as I continue my journey.

May God bless us all!


Lenard Jimenez is a CICM Postulant, from Antipolo City

Updated: May 10, 2017 — 11:25 am

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